Laura Culic

Change in the Weather, Encaustic, 30" x 30"

Laura’s paintings are based on many of the diverse ideas that inspire and interest her, including mapping and geography, exploration, travel and navigation, environmental conservation, ancient science, history, memory, and the natural world and our place in it. While her work pertains to these themes, each painting is, in itself, an expression of a story.

The process of painting with beeswax encaustic is a gradual and organic journey of building, excavation and exploration. Paintings consist of layer upon layer of wax and oil paint, and within the layers are incorporated fragments of text, type, paper, maps, charts, symbols and numbers. These elements help organize and produce coherence out of abstraction and wilderness (much like a legend on a map or guideposts in navigating a journey) and invite viewers to form a relationship with the painting - to conceive their own imaginings, meanings, memories and stories.

Laura studied at the Ontario College of Art and Design, and at Sheridan College. She paints full time in her Toronto studio and her work is held in private and corporate collections as well as the Art Collection of the Government of Ontario.