As a jewellery designer and maker, I’m constantly in awe of how jewellery has the power to symbolize so many emotions. Jewellery can represent love, commitment, mourning, celebration and ancestry. As we adorn ourselves with jewellery, the object becomes part of our identity.

While attending the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax, I chose jewellery as my focus because I wanted to make something wearable, permanent and precious. I wanted to be a maker who carried on the long tradition of creating meaningful, well designed and carefully crafted pieces. 

When I design my jewellery, I work to pare down shapes to their most minimal form. Once I have narrowed in on a form, I add decoration and small details that complement the original shape. this allows me to remain true to a simple and clean aesthetic while featuring distinct and elegant details. ~ Andrea Mueller

Editions and custom work available. To order, please contact the gallery. For more information about the materials used, click to enlarge the photo and details will appear when you hover over the image. 

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