Ariane Beauchamp

La Lune et La Chouette, pen and ink on paper 19 x 24 in (48 x 61 cm)

Ariane Beauchamp grew up immersed in the nature of rural north eastern Ontario. More recently, she and her partner purchased a track of land in Pakenham, ON. These settings are the background and inspiration for her work. Beauchamp creates work that explores themes of life and death in nature and the duality between man and animal. She says, “These symbols and themes dictate our lives”. Her pieces are frantic and graceful, aggressive and musical. 

 Her work draws on the work of painter and ornithologist, John James Audubon.  Influenced by the objective depictions of Audubon’s birds, Beauchamp adds a surreal quality by illustrating specimens not found in nature. The creatures she creates are hybridizations of birds seen in the wild, her mind’s eye and in the work of Audubon himself.  Her birds are emotive and depict a narrative which is determined by her medium, which is pen and ink on paper.  “The ink tells me what is going to become of the piece. It will move, fall and dry in a way you won’t expect or plan for. Like in nature, I let it tell me what it’s going to be.”

Ariane Beauchamp holds BFA in fine arts from the University of Ottawa and had shown her work in Ottawa. Her works can also be seen in her wide range of local collaborations with musician and poets. 

Visit Ariane’s website here.