Audrey Lawson

Coastal Blues , oil on canvas, 48 x 41 in. (122 x 104 cm)

Coastal Blues, oil on canvas, 48 x 41 in. (122 x 104 cm)

Audrey Lawson is a Canadian painter born in Toronto. Audrey received her BFA from Concordia University (2007), AAS from Parsons School of Design (2012) and studied at Slade School of Art in London, UK (2016). Audrey’s family recognized and fostered her affinity for art from a young age. With a mother who is also a painter, painting was as basic as food and water in their home. Audrey lives and works in Toronto.


The Water & Skies series began with an interest in the sky. Particularly I have been thinking about colour, its effects on the viewer and the interactions between colours.  I reflect on how space is expansive, how to capture the vastness of sky, and how forms change depending on perspective. Rules of perspective form the base of the composition. As the painting builds I allow other elements to morph, shift and recede. Within each picture the viewpoint alternates. Viewers often sense they are flying when looking at my work.

Throughout the series, water has become a complimentary theme to sky. I’ve been exploring visual connections between the two and the result often creates a feeling of being submerged in both the sky and the water, or either one.

In [this series], I play with a sense of being immersed in an expanse of sky and water at the same time. It offers the viewer a great deal of space; a peace and tranquility.“

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