Ava roth

Honeycomb, Moss , encaustic, beading, embroidery, birch bark, and honeycomb on Japanese tissue, 6 in. (15 cm) diameter

Honeycomb, Moss, encaustic, beading, embroidery, birch bark, and honeycomb on Japanese tissue, 6 in. (15 cm) diameter

Ava Roth is a Toronto-based painter, embroiderer and mixed-media artist.

Roth's current collection of encaustic sewings brings together the two seemingly irreconcilable mediums of encaustic painting and embroidery. Layers of wax, tissue paper and photography are laminated and bisected, then joined and connected by thread and wire. These paintings explore the tensions between permanent and temporary, solid and delicate, transparent and opaque. Roth uses natural and local materials whenever possible. Canadian beeswax, reclaimed Ontario barn wood, leather, linen and paper are hallmarks of her work.

Her paintings have been exhibited at numerous other galleries, including C1 Gallery and AWOL, and her work has been featured in many on-line and print magazines, including a feature in the award-winning Design Sponge. Roth's pieces have been acquired by private collectors throughout Canada and internationally.


Roth's unique collection of 'encaustic embroidery' is a nod to the Canadian landscape, to the decorative arts, and to the world of craft. 

Although largely abstract, the pieces reference the natural environment through the use of organic materials and images, while the hand stitching, bead work and embroidery hoops evoke traditional crafts of time past. 

Inside traditional embroidery hoops, delicate and transparent tissue is suspended, then layered, laminated, and heavily embroidered with weightier and more solid substances, such as beeswax, photography and beading. This union of opposites results in a powerful tension, balancing transparency with opacity, and delicacy with sturdiness. 

Roth's work reimagine a traditional craft in the artist's unique and contemporary language. 

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