Fall Leaves and Pageantry at Wall Space Gallery

It’s hard to believe that it’s already September.

Erica Hawkes,  September , Acrylic on Canvas, 24" x 48"

Erica Hawkes, September, Acrylic on Canvas, 24" x 48"

It’s almost as if Summer disappeared in a blink and we only dreamed about the days of beach weather, cottage vacations, evenings on patios, and flip flops.  We get it. And we’re sure you don’t need the obvious reminder that it’s time to start getting ready for back-to-school and regular work hours (#sorrynotsorry).

We can’t do anything about the change of the season.  We can instead ease your mind with some good news to come and stimulating visits to the gallery... not to mention new available works to titivate your walls and incite you to stay indoors.

Here are your latest gallery updates:


Lori Richards,  Warm Fields (After the Harvest) , Acrylic on Panel, 16" x 48"

Lori Richards, Warm Fields (After the Harvest), Acrylic on Panel, 16" x 48"

It’s difficult keeping Lori Richards on the walls at WALL SPACE GALLERY for very long. This Kingston artist is highly coveted by new and seasoned collectors alike, as both can appreciate the complexity and execution of her dreamy, acrylic-based interpretive landscapes. We have received six new and spectacular pieces on wood panel that we anticipate will be snatched up faster than we can hang them. Visit our website for images or contact us to view them at our Westboro Village location. 

We are so thrilled to introduce two new artists to the gallery! Patrice Stanley and Mat Dubé are local artists and we are so proud to be featuring their brilliant and diverse works.

Patrice Stanley has created a series of  ethereal pieces paying homage to the Bayou. Rich in texture, colour and form, Stanley's work needs to be seen in person to be transported to the water's edge. Stanley has shown in private and public galleries in Ottawa as well as Toronto and has returned to make Kitchissippi ward her home.

Mat Dubé is a 2014 RBC/Council of the Arts Emerging Artist nominee. His work includes edgy drawings on paper as well as bronze casting and he  has shown in public galleries in Ottawa.

You can see available pieces and read more about these talented artists on their artist profile. We warmly welcome and look forward to the success of both Patrice and Mat!




Some of our most highly anticipated shows this year are fast approaching. Having already received several of the new works from Ottawa gem Sharon VanStarkenburg, I can attest to the inevitable success of her upcoming exhibit The Debutantes scheduled September 12 to October 3rd. Sharon is an artist highly respected in the artistic community both locally and internationally (having just been notably-praised in a recent group show in Alaska) for her intelligent narratives and bold imagery.  The subject matter at times can be unsettling, but viewers will leave feeling both introspective and questioning. Note for those who are faint of heart that this show, while viscerally appealing, is both edgy and provocative.

The artist will be in attendance for the opening September 11 from 6-9 pm. Please join us in celebrating the artist and experience the intensity of her work first hand. Join our Facebook event and share with your friends here.

VanStarkenburg was recently featured in an on-line magazine, Untitled Publications

Complementing Sharon VanStarkenburg this September is recently acquired sculptural works by ceramic artist Jeannie Pappas. Since April, we have already received an enthusiastic response from visitors,  and we are pleased to be able to feature a variety of new pieces this September. Her stylistic juxtapositions are intriguing as she plays between ghastly and whimsical, delightfully strange and humorous. Look for her army of Woodlawn scouts and other imaginative creatures at WALL SPACE GALLERY this September.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Zarina M.
Gallery Associate