It Takes a Community to Save a River

It started with a conversation between artists, our gallery and Ottawa Riverkeeper. "Let's each paint a piece of art and help raise awareness and funds to keep our waters clean." Clocktower Brew Pub stepped in and generously offered their fine food and pumpkin ale.

On October 8th, 2015, we opened Point of View by Canadian Art Collective's David Lidbetter, Stewart Jones, Laurie de Camillis, and Peter Rotter. The evening was lively; the mood, jovial and the art, breathtaking. Four "points of view" of the Ottawa River near Champlain Bridge were exhibited on our feature wall. All four sold and just over $8200 was raised for Ottawa Riverkeeper. 

We are so grateful to each of our generous artists, the collaborative spirit of the fine folks at Clocktower Brew Pub (thanks, James and crew), Ottawa Riverkeeper and to our neighbours and friends. YOU have all had a part in this and for that, we are thankful.

We've shared a clip of the evening. Point of View - Canadian landscapes from the perspective of four artists - ends today.

Patricia Barr, Director

Summer At Wall Space Gallery

Summers in Ottawa can be both an exciting and hectic time. There certainly isn’t a shortage of events to go around in the city!

When it comes to your art fix, WALL SPACE GALLERY has you covered for Summer of 2015.


Gallery Entrance. Alex Chowaniec, Erin Vincent, Kelly Grace, David Lidbetter, Patti Normand, Paul Wing and Jane Wolsak

For several years, WALL SPACE GALLERY has enjoyed creating engaging exhibitions in the summer. Following last year’s critically acclaimed Emerging Artists in Public Collections in collaboration with Eye Buy Art, this July we pARTtnered with the Ottawa Art Gallery to host a FUNdraising Preview Opening for PAPER: An exhibition of works on and of paper. We had an incredible turn out and extend our sincerest thanks for the great generosity of our patrons and attendees who were able to join us. Visitors were able to mingle with fellow art collectors, featured artists, gallery staff, and partake in the delicious food and wines provided by amazing local vendors.

If you missed the opening, you still have a chance to see this incredible show. One of the most talked about aspects is Lori Victor’s installation Cut-Outs. In the artist's words, "Cut-outs is an installation based on my personal response to the deaths of over 6000 Aboriginal children in Canada from the 1870's to 1996. The deaths of these children...can no longer be ignored." Read Victor's full statement here. We encourage you to visit and step into this space to experience, acknowledge and discuss. #TruthandReconciliation


Our feature wall is currently showcasing Brooklyn based, Alex Chowaniec. The piece, A Good Death|A Kind Kill; Planets, Stars, and Atoms, consists of 36 stacked limited edition prints of watercolour on paper. Reminiscent of phases of the moon, they are visceral and almost bodily in their execution. Viewers are encouraged to experience it both as a whole and intimately. Each individual component bears lightly hand-written poetic phrases to create an individual emotional response. The effect is both enchanting and wistful.

For more information about the other artists showcased, please check our events page.

We will be closed August 2-3 for the long weekend but we will be extending PAPER for an additional week. Make sure you visit PAPER before it closes on August 9th.




During our shows, we are constantly receiving new works from many of our artists. This August, we will be pleased to showcase new works from several of our artists, including Elle Chae, Julie Himel, Erica Hawkes, Nava Waxman, and newly introduced Kate Domina. Can’t wait that long? Associates are happy to give you a sneak peek the next time you visit the gallery!



For those who have been away, Wall Space Gallery kicked off July with three Ottawa artists, each distinctly different in their varied mediums and styles, yet coalescing to give the gallery a warm and summery atmosphere. In Stories and Places, Marcel Guldemond introduced a new technique he termed “undertexting”. In these works narrative scenes overlay panels covered in the text of his favourite novels, inspired by the idea that stories form the background context for all our experiences in life. Most remarked on his fantastic ability to portray the essence of cottage life and the ability to transport viewers to a peaceful place of relaxation. We also welcomed Peter Colbert’s new collection The River, a series of figurative works unlike any we have received before.  Colbert’s beachy landscapes, sailboats, and figures in the sand are an evident extension of his highly sought-out abstract works, as he continues to draw viewers in with his palpable textures and luminous colours. Our third exhibition, Paul Wing’s Instant | Development, was a throw-back in time. Wing shows us a glimpse of retro both in his use of vintage Polaroid cameras and in his investigation of objects and places that seem to have slipped through the cracks of urban advancements, left unchanged (although a little decayed) with time.

Several works from these showcases are still available at Wall Space Gallery and can be viewed with the assistance of a gallery associates. Please contact us for a chance to see or revisit any of these works.

We'll see you at the gallery!

~Zarina Mail