X - The exhibit


WALL SPACE GALLERY + framing is thrilled to announce X

10 artists. 

10 years. 

This year we celebrate a decade of our vision to exhibit exceptional artists, grow our community by supporting local charities, and make art accessible! Please join us on September 14th for the opening! We will be raising awareness for Candlelighters.net because it's childhood cancer awareness month and we've been supporting Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Support Programs for 10 years.

Who knew that expanding our framing + art business by opening an ART GALLERY + framing in the Westboro Village area of Ottawa during the recession of 2008 would be so fruitful?

Yes, it was touch and go at times. Yes, we struggled to find our place in the art world. Yes, we are a local business representing regional + Canadian artists. Yes, we have juggled family with business life for more than 30 years now. We heart art, love what we do, and are so grateful for all those whom have passed through our doors. EVERY. ONE. OF. YOU.

We have learned to embrace the ebb and flow of running a commercial gallery/expert custom framing studio. It was our decision to open in a trendy (read expensive rent) street… in our hometown of Ottawa… with 6 months of winter… where the vast majority shop in covered malls.

What we did not expect was the blatant, sometimes foul, but often beautiful critiques of the artists whom we have been proud to represent. Cue the tears, the anxiety, and the “WTF” are we doing this for? Certainly not for the $! 

So with this in mind, we pitched X to 10 artists."How have you evolved in the last 10 years? What drives your practice? What the F@XX do you get out of it? Oh, and would you like to be part of this group show with a talented collection of visual and mixed materials artists who’ve developed and excelled in their practice?"

X features:

RICHARD AHNERT, Toronto, ON, Canada 

ELLE CHAE, Ottawa, ON and Seoul, South Korea







AVA ROTH, Toronto, ON


“Ultimately, beyond each artist’s expressed message, there resides a sense of freedom in the showing of these ten artists, who range in their artistic careers from emerging to established.”~ Erin Crowell, gallery associate and exhibition curator 

We look forward to 10 + more years! See you soon!

Patricia Barr, Director xox


Brain Harvey - Sense of Place

We've walked through similar streets; places that remind us of our past, of where we are going or would like to go. New urban landscapes by Brian Harvey capture the light, stories and street scenes of Toronto, Ottawa, Lisbon and France. 

April 26 - May 13th, 2016


August Features: Erin's Gallery Picks

With the long, drawn out heat of late summer upon us, days seems to blur and mingle in their slower pace of relaxation before the inevitable cacophony of Autumn bustle appears. This season for me has brought with it a rejuvenating feeling, and I’m feeling my creative energies ignited and malleable. This flare for new artistic journeys and productivity is my inspiration for my August Picks. 

Claire Desjardins,  Time Travel , acrylic on canvas, 60" x 60"

Claire Desjardins, Time Travel, acrylic on canvas, 60" x 60"

Claire Desjardins’ abstraction in her newest body of work, summerCRUSH, allows space for the viewer to reflect on their own memories and emotions of the Summer season. Juxtaposing feelings of hope and nervousness at a seemingly endless flow of adventure and new potential create butterflies that rise deep from the gut and into fumbling throat, biting at the chance to make grand declarations, to feel invincible. 

Lori Richards,  Lakeside Ramble , acrylic on panel, 48" x 36"

Lori Richards, Lakeside Ramble, acrylic on panel, 48" x 36"


A brief summer roadtrip to Ontario’s Prince Edward County had me revisiting the varied flora and rural magnetism of the province’s south-eastern region. This attraction to the quilted farmland and dynamic ecosystems makes me recall the respect and admiration Kingston-based artist Lori Richards feels for her surroundings and how she brings that to life in her paintings. Richards uses the viscous texture of acrylics to apply many thin, yet lively, layers of colours and shapes mimicking the verdant fields of milkweed, lobelia, asters, and wild grasses. 

Paul Wing,  Blueberry Kiosk , photograph on rag paper, 11" x 11"

Paul Wing, Blueberry Kiosk, photograph on rag paper, 11" x 11"

Continuing on the theme of roadtrips, Paul Wing’s Polaroid-like shot of a highway blueberry and pie stand shows quintessential iconography of youthful Canadian summers. Ontario fruit growing seasons are so brief, you could blink and miss it entirely, just like this sunny shack on the side of the road.

Dominique Normand,  The Flow of Life , acrylic on canvas, 20" x 16"

Dominique Normand, The Flow of Life, acrylic on canvas, 20" x 16"

Normand’s work evokes familiar, yet powerful, imagery and builds on these scenes with vibrant contemporary colour palettes. I find her work both refreshing and humble in their representations of her surroundings in the Laurentians of Quebec. Dominique Normand is a Metis member of the Maliseet First Nations band, and her subject matter ranges from landscapes, portraits, and abstract works reflecting the beauty in her surroundings.  

Brian Harvey, Dundas St. E., oil on panel, 40" x 30"

Brian Harvey, Dundas St. E., oil on panel, 40" x 30"

To me, this piece shows the multitude of feelings that exploring a city can evoke. In every sign, brick, doorway and street there are overlapping histories of hundreds of voices, some familiar, some to be never known but that contribute to how we grow individually and collectively nonetheless.