Brianna Gluszak

Object $17 , blown and cold worked glass, ~ 18 x 16 x 6 in.

Object $17, blown and cold worked glass, ~ 18 x 16 x 6 in.

Brianna Gluszak is a sculptural glass artist from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She recently finished a body of work at KADK Denmark's Design School, on Bornholm, Denmark. She has worked and studied internationally including at The Pilchuck Glass School, in Washington, The Corning Museum of Glass, in New York and Northlands Creative Glass in Lybster, Scotland. Her current work explores themes of relationship through an exploration of pattern and form. 

Artist Statement

Looking and observing the world around me is a fundamental principle of my artist endeavors. Focusing on the intricacies of everyday life, relationships and how visual information presents itself. This act of looking in combination with observational drawing have become an act of design within my practice.
Thinking and focusing on the world around me, has lead me to many types of explorations within my work. From focusing on nature; to thinking about relationships. My newest works incorporate imagery collected from wandering through life in Nexø, Denmark. Expressed in objects that begin a conversation about what different types of relationships exists in the world. 

Joint Effort Series

This body of work was formed through an evolution of my practice. I have always collected visual and formal information from the world around me, through travelling and moving around my focus began to shift from physical information to a focus on human relationships and connection. Often drawing from my own relationships with the many different aspects of life and adulthood I have began to represent the feeling and emotion involved with interacting with others. Relationships at their core are a simple expression of our human condition, and are often comfortable yet full of anxiety and tension. All the sculptures have some element of this comfortable action however their precarious nature represents the complexity of our kinships. 

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Installation Photos