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Erin Vincent: Nostalgia

  • Wall Space Gallery 358 Richmond Road Ottawa, Ontario, K2A 0E8 Canada (map)

Wall Space Gallery is pleased to welcome Erin Vincent for her first solo show at the gallery, entitled Nostalgia.

This collection of Vincent’s latest work showcases her diversity as an artist. Vincent experiments with various art forms, including assemblages, sculpture, painting, mixed media and collage. A common undercurrent found throughout these various approaches is Vincent’s interest in the overlooked, the discarded, and even the banal. Through unusual and sometimes bizarre juxtaposition, she attends to this ‘detritus’ and gives it new life.

Her work can be characterized by its often gritty and rough appearance that is, at once, rustic, playful, and sophisticated. Many of her sculptural pieces, in particular, have the appeal of treasured heirlooms or prized antiques, worn with age, and infused with untold history and memory. Indeed, Vincent often incorporates these very elements into her work, using found objects to make hybrid forms and images, in an aesthetic not dissimilar from the Dada or Arte Povera movements of the last century. In Vincent’s work, the everyday object is transformed, taking on new meaning and fresh appeal when revealed in these strange, imagined contexts.

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