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Lori Richards: "Walk With Me"

  • Wall Space Gallery 358 Richmond Rd Ottawa, Ontario (map)

Meet the artist April 12th from 2 to 4 p.m.

The exhibition Walk With Me is an alluring invitation to escape into the imaginative world of Lori Richards’ interpretive landscapes. Her newest body of work is an experimental and intuitive process, starting with a point of familiarity and finishing always with unforeseen results. Her work is unpredictable, calm and pensive at times while being lively and optimistic at others. Richards succeeds in creating works that stir an emotional response in the viewer.

At first sight these works are reminiscent of the wild and bold style of Fauvism, belonging to Matisse, Vlaminck and Derain in the early twentieth century. Richards’ has developed her own unique style and techniques throughout the years to be simultaneously calculated and free. She begins by painting cumulatively, layering thick impastos and thin washes, to create harmonious compositions with subtle and rich colours. She then physically works through the layers, scraping and scribing to mimic nature’s processes of corrosion, sediment, and growth. In Richards’ own words, “I add or take away until it feels right… In the end there must be an emotional connection to the final painting, for me and ultimately for the viewer; capturing a moment – however fleeting – of our ever changing world.”

In Walk With Me, Richards gives the viewer not only an opportunity to journey through her landscapes, but also to travel through her emotions and artistic process, making this body of work her most intimate and reflective series to date.