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Richard Ahnert: Northland

Opening Reception: November 6, 7-9 PM. Artist Present with Guest DJ CPI.

Exhibition Dates: November 6th - 22nd

WALL SPACE GALLERY is excited to present a new body of work by Richard Ahnert: Northland. The traditional feel of luxurious oil brushwork, abruptly interrupted by animal motifs, characterizes Ahnert's coveted paintings.

In his newest series “Northland”, Ahnert interweaves his distinct surrealist style with a climactic Canadiana narrative. The body of work invokes the nostalgic romanticism of a vast wilderness on the brink of human settlement. Canadian archetypes such as the rugged pioneer and the lonely hunter are framed with a magical glint and cast in warm, saturated hues that invite viewer participation.

Ahnert’s “Northland” animals linger gracefully on the precipice of impending invasion, foreshadowed by both a sense of profound awe, and the unsettlingly contrast of striking yet desolate landscapes. The animals are often cast in white paint to convey a sense of inherent virtue and innocence. Despite their forced surrender, each animal retains an inextinguishable dignity and grandeur.

"Northland" poignantly emphasizes the sanctity of our precious Canadian land and its inhabitants, while also alluding to the harsh realities that inevitably follow from human settlement. The work both celebrates a glorious natural heritage and reminds us of our own folly as we view the aftermath of animals swept and subjugated by man.

Despite its attention to Canada’s rockier history, these works also aim to instill in viewers a sense of national pride. Ahnert’s use of iconic Canadian imagery and powerful depictions of the landscape – including its mighty forests, clear waters, sublime escarpments, and abundance of animal life —leave us to marvel at this majestic land and be humbled by its expansive beauty.

Join us on Friday, November 6th, 7-9 pm to celebrate the artist with guest DJ CPI