Marcel Guldemond: Stories and Places

  • Wall Space Gallery 358 Richmond Rd Ottawa, ON, K2A 0E1 Canada

Stories & Places introduces us to Marcel Guldemond’s newest style of painting, which he has termed Undertexting. In the artist’s words,

“I’ve developed [the term Undertexting] to describe the idea that we as human beings use stories to understand everything in our lives. The cultural context of everything we've read and watched and listened to forms the underlying context of almost every moment that we live.  One could also say that undertexting is about the relativity of meaning – that all meaning is only ever understood within a cultural context, and that cultural context is formed by the stories we consume.”

Guldemond’s new process incorporates his background in illustration and uses explicit devices to combine narrative and visual genres. These include vibrantly coloured inset panels and, as the name suggests, underlying torn fragments of narrative, partially visible to the viewer and intended to situate each work. With these works Guldemond allows the viewer to center in on key emotions and become absorbed in their own interpretation, directed by cultural context.

Meet the artist: June 13th from 1-4 PM