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Paper: An Exhibition of Works On and Of Paper

Paper - An Exhibition of Works on and of Paper

Featured Artists: Alex Chowaniec, Lori Victor, Michelle Valberg, Joy Kardish, David Lidbetter and Jane Wolsak. 

With new works from Patti Normand, Sharon VanStarkenburg, Nava Waxman, Peter Colbert, Tanya Kirouac and Erin Vincent.

July 17 – August 9, 2015

PREVIEW OPENING: July 16, 7-9pm | Ticketed Event | A FUNdraiser for the OAG/GAO.

WALL SPACE GALLERY is excited to present an annual exhibition of works on paper. Of all materials, paper is among the most evocative and versatile. Its textures, transparencies, and pliable surfaces demand creativity. This July, we explore a spectrum of exquisite artworks that utilize and respond to Paper.


Featured Installation – Cut-Outs

In only the second showing of this powerful work since its debut at Nuit Blanche Ottawa, 2014, Lori Victor’s installation Cut-Outs expertly uses the most arresting qualities of paper to engage viewers in social dialogue. 4000 paper dolls, hand in hand, flutter above casting their shadows, while cut remnants cover the floor. Emblazoned across each paper body is a portion of an Ottawa Citizen article, based on testimony from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. In the artist’s words:


“The article reported that over 4000 children died while attending residential schools. Aboriginal children were taken away from their parents, their families, their culture, their way of life and forced to assimilate into Western settler culture.

Through this installation I hope to capture the attention of others who like me, have been silent on – even unaware of – this part of our collective history. ... Standing within the installation the viewer will be surrounded, inundated and overwhelmed at the sheer number of paper dolls surrounding them. … I have chosen to use paper dolls as they represent the lives of children in a celebratory way, as every individual child deserves to be recognized. … Our apathy towards this tragic truth is highlighted by the remnants of the paper from which the dolls were cut, left discarded on the floor of the gallery. My expectation/desire is that this installation will ignite more understanding and dialogue about our country’s responsibility towards the Aboriginal children whose lives were taken away forever.”

ALEX CHOWANIEC: A Good Death / A Kind Kill

Through her expert handling of watercolour on paper, Ottawa-born artist Alex Chowaniec’s installation A Good Death / A Kind Kill lends a tactile sense to her envisioning of planets, stars, and atoms. As in her earlier work, Chowaniec’s paintings seem abstract and yet familiar, even bodily in their textures. Limited edition prints of the original 36 pieces that make up the series will be travelling to WALL SPACE GALLERY from Chowaniec’s Brooklyn, NY studio.


WALL SPACE GALLERY explores a wide range of works on and of Paper, and the ways in which each artist engages with this diverse material.Ottawa photographer Joy Kardish’s historic photographic techniques glow in soft pastel tones on fine Japanese washi paper. The striking brushstrokes of Ottawa painter David Lidbetter’s oil landscapes and sketches find new textures on smooth synthetic surfaces. Vancouver artist Jane Wolsak’s charming still life works and depictions of well-loved stuffed animals – with attitude – emerge in graphite and pencil crayon from their soft white backgrounds.

Celebrated Ottawa photographer Michelle Valberg will exhibit a notable homage both on and to paper in the latest series of work. Valberg has expertly captured the ephemeral beauty of the E.B. Eddy site on Ottawa/Gatineau’s Albert and Chaudière Islands. Once home to the burgeoning E.B. Eddy paper mill, and competing J.R. Booth paper mill, the site was an industrial engine within Canada. Now, after many years, the islands are slated for redevelopment. Valberg’s photographs capture the familiar mills from rarely seen vantage points - both an artistic exploration of light and architecture, and a document of our city’s past and changing face.

 PREVIEW OPENING: July 16, from 7-9 pm - A FUNdraiser for the OAG/GAO Ottawa Art Gallery

Please join us for our exhibition opening:
July 16th, from 7-9 PM.
Tickets cost $25 and can be purchased through The Ottawa Art Gallery | La Galerie d'art d'Ottawa. Tickets include a drink voucher and catered refreshments. Proceeds from the event will benefit the OAG | GAO.