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ELLE CHAE : "For Us To Have Come This Far : So Much For My Happy Ending."


Artist Opening: March 3, from 6-8:30 pm. Free parking off Danforth Ave.

WALL SPACE Gallery presents the latest expressions of Ottawa artist, and Masters of Fine Arts candidate at the University of Ottawa, Elle Chae.

Reflecting on the experience of growing up in a densely populated city where private space is limited, Elle Chae’s paintings examine the chaotic nature of human relationships and question ideas of connection and confrontation with one another. 

Chae’s recent works show psychological spaces filled with tension and suspense. The intensity is heightened by the disfigured yet discernible nature of painted forms. Figures are distressed or collapsed together, often placed in ambiguous spaces. 

Influenced by Susan Sontag’s writing Regarding the Pain of Others, this body of work considers the painting as a space of contemplation. Her paintings reflect humankind’s fascination with images of torment and are meant to remind the viewer of the existence of such nightmares, while permitting them to actively think about these images. The sense of confrontation or bearing witness to pain is critical to the work. Equally important is the element of hope.

Chae selects materials that express and embody different degrees of physicality and intensity, choosing colours, tones and textures with different degrees of sensory impact. The figures are often caught emerging from the space or disappearing into it, as the artist’s brushes carve the forms out of the space, and out of thick slabs of paint.

Through her paintings, Chae creates a place for the viewer to maneuver through different positions and situations, allowing them to develop and conclude their own narratives.

Exhibit: ELLE CHAE, "For Us To Have Come This Far: So Much For My Happy Ending."

March 3-20th.

Artist Opening: Thursday, March 3rd, 6:00-8:30pm.

Where: WALL SPACE GALLERY 358 Richmond Road 613-729-0003

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