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Brian Harvey & Julie Himel: A Fleeting Presence

Exhibition Dates: September 10 – 25, 2016
Meet the Artists: Saturday, September 10, 2-4 PM

WALL SPACE GALLERY is pleased to welcome Toronto-based artists Brian Harvey and Julie Himel in the joint exhibition A Fleeting Presence.

Harvey and Himel’s work invite viewers to see and experience the material construction and disintegration of images. Through tactile mark-making, they strive to capture the ways in which painting is able to slow down and capture experiences in this accelerated virtual and simulated world. Exploring both urban and rural landscapes, their works share a common interest in the everyday. Harvey and Himel aim to manipulate paint to transform and transfix fleeting or past moments, physically and visually unfolding them into the present. 

Through her landscape painting Julie Himel seeks to translate the human condition and emotional experience, both personal and universal. Her works create tension between form, space and the play of light. Painterly and seductive, the textures of the oil encourage viewers to feel a sense of place and the artist’s thematic exploration of presence and absence.

Himel holds a Diploma of Fine art from Langara College in Vancouver, a Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours Degree from York University, and a Graduate Diploma from Toronto School of Art. Her work can be found in public collections in Canada and the United States, and private collections internationally. 

Brian Harvey seeks to explore the characteristics of contemporary urban landscape through painting.  Through layers of organic and geometric forms, patterns of colour, texture and lines of architecture, Harvey’s paintings become expressions of a sense of place shaped by the history of urban transformation. Harvey is drawn to the spaces and structures which have served generations but are now overlooked or entirely forgotten.  His aim is to convey the personality of these historical facets, fixing them in time.

Brian Harvey has studied at Seneca College, Sheridan College, Toronto School of Art, the Art Centre at Central Technical School, and OCAD University. His work can be found in public and private collections across Canada, the United States and Europe.