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Claire Desjardins : THE SECRETS WE KEEP

Artist Opening Reception on June 29th from 5-7 PM
Artist Talk on July 6th from 5:30-7:30 PM

In her latest solo exhibition, The Secrets We Keep, Quebec abstract expressionistartist, Claire Desjardins, bares all in gestural paintings featuring animated brush strokes and her signature bold and lively palettes. Each of the paintings is personal and unpredictable, guided by feelings identified in a specific moment, sentiment, or reaction. Viewers can identify with the artist’s expressions that serve as a replacement for lost words. 

From the Artist:

All of my work is an attempt to decipher the chatter in my head, to put forward a less awkward side of myself, to navigate through my everyday chaos towards calm.
My paintings are personal. The outside world is referenced quite indirectly through the filter of my emotions. Through my work, I find myself expressing sentiments or reactions of which I am consciously unaware. I’ve named the show after one of my paintings. We all have things we can’t tell someone. We often associate secrets with the negative, but they can also be positive. Painting for me is about navigating my way through life, personal relationships and the good and the bad.

Read more about Claire Desjardins' work in The Ottawa Citizen's Style Magazine.

A multi-talented Canadian artist, Desjardins' works have been featured on textile and design products under her label for fashion retailer Anthropologie, and Toronto concept art gallery & fashion lifestyle brand, Nuvango.