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Artist Reception: Saturday, November 4th, 5-8pm
Show Dates: November 4th to 26th

In “A Rebellious Nature,” Drew Mosley explores themes of displacement and transition. Urban sprawl and commercial development threaten and displace natural habitats. The paintings in this collection evoke the transient nature of all life and reveal what is at stake if we do not develop sustainable relationships with the natural environment and its inhabitants. Both playful and haunting, Mosley’s scenes depict an imagined world in which characters both innocent and foreboding are depicted at crucial moments in their missions to fend off the encroachment of two-legged foes. These anthropomorphized travellers work tirelessly in the shadows to protect and preserve what is left of the beauty in our natural world—a task that is often lonely and thankless. 

By experimenting with three-dimensional painting techniques and found or fabricated sculptural materials, Mosley achieves a unique depth and atmosphere in his pieces. Inside wooden bowls and other thrift store finds, multiple layers of painted resin produce deep shadows that contribute to the convincing mood of his strange world. His forest-dwelling creatures appear forever in suspense, confronted with dangers and trials beyond our knowing. 

Drew Mosley lives and works in Ottawa where he divides his time between an exhaustive studio practice and various carpentry and woodworking projects in the Ottawa Valley. He spends his free time bushwhacking with his wife, Izzy, and their son, Gray. The influence of these moments of solitude and resiliency in nature figure prominently in his paintings.

Grey Owl , 10" diameter, mixed media and acrylic diorama 

Grey Owl, 10" diameter, mixed media and acrylic diorama 

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