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Stefan Thompson: New Scratches

Continuing experimentations with extreme limitation
Ecofriendly materials
Wax, soot, eggs, recycled paper and textiles, clay

  • Artist Reception: Thursday February 16, 7-9pm. Please join us in celebrating STEFAN THOMPSON the opening of the show with Pure Kitchen eats, beats by DJ CPI and Brian Sanderson.
  • 358 Richmond Rd. Free admission. All works for sale. RSVP via @wallspacegallery Facebook and Twitter, email or phone. 



Water, Light, Earth, Air, Life, 
Trees, Chickens, Bees, Mussels, Mushrooms, 
Flax, Cows, Wheat, Metal, Clay, Cotton, Pigs

Details of materials

Post consumer paper, salvaged lumber;
Egg tempera paint : egg yolk (Juniper Farm, Ferme et Foret) , water, pigment;
Beeswax as a medium and crayon base (local);
Pigments made from rust , bones,  mushrooms, soot;
Soot from :  burnt beeswax, tree sap, bones, fat, shells;
Linseed oil as under painting and sealant;
Salvaged commercial clay with burned bone fat and shells as glaze;
Salvaged cotton and other textiles;
Boiled water and organic wheat flour to make glue;
and more...

Continuing experimentation in extreme limitation : 
this work is made with obsessively thorough eco-friendly techniques.
I strive to be aware and sensitive about where things come from and how they affect our environment.

Especially when we buy commercial products its easy to forget that our money may go to organizations who create great ecological footprints. 
In this way we as consumers are all responsible for the state of our world and have the power to make a change.

"New Scratches" refers to my increased use of scratching to create fine lines instead of buying new paint brushes.