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claire desjardins: summer CRUSH

Exhibition dates: July 19- August 16

Artist Opening: Wednesday, July 19th, 5-7pm

WALL SPACE GALLERY presents summerCRUSH, an exhibition of vibrant new works by abstract painter Claire Desjardins. July 19 – August 16, 2017.

Desjardins’ works interpret her emotions and environment. "Most of my paintings are abstract and each piece is truly personal. I use the canvas as my sounding board, upon which I belt out the thoughts that echo in the hallways of my mind. I hope to affect the viewer in such a way that they leave feeling as though they have a sense of me, as a person, even if they aren’t art connoisseurs, per se." (Claire Desjardins, Artfinder blog).Of this latest exhibition, she writes:

Summertime is my favourite season. It is a carefree time, but it is so very short. Each month has its own personality, and with it, I find myself consumed by feelings of spontaneity and joy. I am in love with the season, and relish each month...

June is full of hope: the breeze teases me, blowing hot one minute, and cool the next. The sun coaxes the garden out from its deep sleep, and the flowers take their first stretches of the year, enjoying the warmth and showing off their colours.

July is blushing: hot skies push air out from our lungs, stifling, leaving us breathless, yet still luring us outdoors. Parched concrete burns bare feet in the midday sun, and hearts beat a little faster.

August tells us to hurry up: crickets sing at night, reminding us that autumn is not far off. There is a sense of urgency, energy, a sense of time running out. It is a reminder to make haste, to enjoy the remaining warm days. Sleepy eyes are already upon us.

Join us for the artist opening of summerCRUSH Wednesday, July 19, 5-7pm.

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About the artist:

Claire Desjardins is an award-winning abstract painter. Originally from Montreal, she now lives an hour north of that city. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the Laurentians, she spends most days painting in her studio. Desjardins’ artworks are found in collections internationally and she is represented by galleries in Canada and the United States.

On the international stage, Desjardins’ paintings have appeared in major motion pictures and TV series. She collaborates with companies such as US retailer Anthropologie, and tech giant Microsoft, adding her colourful artwork to their mix. Her designs are available on Nuvango Artist-designed Apparel. In addition to her own art practice, Claire teaches painting workshops in both Canada and the US. 

Check out Claire's interview on Breakfast Television about her current practice:

Claire Desjardins,  Whisper In My Ear , Acrylic on canvas, 60" x 42", 2017

Claire Desjardins, Whisper In My Ear, Acrylic on canvas, 60" x 42", 2017