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Stewart Jones: Landscapes for Film

Show dates: February 8-28, 2019
Artist reception with fundraiser for Ottawa Riverkeeper: Friday, February 8, 5:30-7:30pm.
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Join us in celebrating the newest works by painter Stewart Jones! Landscapes for Film is inspired by the artist’s experiences as an animator, an artistic director for films, and as a urban and landscape painter. Each of these areas in Jones’ life speaks to our need to capture the energy of a place, be it a city street, a long stretch of road, or graffitied alleyway. The sharp geometry and condensed colour palette Jones attributes to his paintings draws parallels to how a set designer or director would seek out scenes for a film, searching for a place that commands the essence of a certain location. Through these similarities, Jones sees his works as springboards for storytelling and memory, as if they were locations in a film.

Our opening reception for Stewart Jones’ Landscapes for Film will be a fundraising soiree for Ottawa Riverkeeper and feature on Midtown Brewing Company, a Wellington microbrewery dear to the artist. Join us on Friday, February 8th from 5:30-7:30 for your chance to meet the artist and hear about how protecting our waters is key to preserving the land that makes our passions possible, be it swimming, drinking, fishing, or painting. Ottawa Riverkeeper, and Stewart Jones’ own favourite watershed protection organization Lake Ontario Waterkeeper, are part of the Swim, Drink, Fish Waterkeeper Alliance.

Stewart Jones

Stewart Jones