Ian Busher

True Faith, Mixed Media on Steel, 51" x 60"

Born and raised in Toronto, urban and industrial landscapes have long been a subject of intrigue for me. As a professional carpenter with a formal education in painting from OCAD, I enjoy experimenting with bringing colour, shape, form and texture together as the subject. Realizing the aesthetic I could achieve by breaking with conventional photographic rules and playing with mounting techniques, I was drawn to seemingly abstract images mounted and covered in resin to resemble a painting. To take this illusion a step further, I try to shoot subjects with little to no depth of field, and strive to create works that have a distinct painterly quality, enticing viewers to take a second look at both the format and subject matter. I seek to examine and showcase the beauty in destruction and neglect, leading viewers to be drawn into what they may have previously walked right past. Faces, landscapes, and countless other objects and scenes can be interpreted in the cracks, stains, and paint that make up an image.

These works may have my name on them, but I hardly work alone. Uncredited, my collaborators are time, nature, and the skilled people that once upon a time built the various buildings, bridges, and tunnels I shoot in and around. Using the camera, I merely collect images of these combined efforts to attempt to highlight a balance of perfect imperfection, the colour and character of age and weathering, and the abstract forms all around us simply waiting to be discovered, appreciated and explored.


Prices range from $75-3200 CAN