Isaiah King

Self Portrait [2/5], Woodcut on Paper, 16" x 14"

Isaiah King pursues an ongoing study of the human form in all its complex emotive facets. By employing intaglio, lithography, screen-printing, relief-printing and painting, Isaiah applies diverse and aggressive mark-making to his figure studies. His fascination with the human form is both external and internal;references to bone and muscle structure are integrated with the more sensual and emotional appeal of the external human form. Combining an emotional and practical approach to the human body lends itself to a common theme in his work, that of sensuality and mortality. Having been most inspired by artists whose work elicits conflicting responses, Isaiah’s prints are concerned with the contrast and tension between seduction and repulsion. They portray the beauty of the human form but also explore states of discomfort, eroticism and intense emotion.

Whether in design, printmaking, painting or drawing, Isaiah’s greatest concern is with communication. Rather than hiding behind conceptual mysteries, he strives to create works that engage the viewer in a dialogue.

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Prices range from $160-2000 CAN