Jane Wolsak

That was Sweet, pencil crayon on paper, 11 x 15

This series started when I came across some discarded soft toys in the Sally Ann. There was something about their expressions - hauled and mauled, squished, abused and finally abandoned as they'd been - that still had "attitude". That appealed to me, even entertained me, and in my drawings I've enjoyed taking care with their loose threads, wonky eyes and shabby appearance, and indulging in that "attitude"... perhaps giving them their last respects.

I set up the toy in front of me in the studio, and usually light it above to emphasize the dents and rumples. I frame it tightly, a kind of mug shot, to zero in on the expression that intrigues me...is it poignant, or menacing...or an odd mix?

Prices ranging from $400-900 CAN