Kelly Grace

Swimmer #1, mixed media on panel, 36" x 36"

Kelly Grace will be having a solo exhibition, Between Light and Shadow, at WALL SPACE Gallery from April 12th - 30th. You can find details and pictures on the event page here

Read Ottawa Magazine's feature on the upcoming exhibition Between Light and Shadow here, written by Arts and Culture writer Paul Gessel. 

As an artist, Kelly Grace's main goal is to make an impression. She uses painting as her way of interpreting and sharing with the world the beauty that she always sees on a daily basis. If she can convey this beauty accurately to the viewer than she has succeeded. If Kelly's work resonates and stays with a person after they have seen it then she has done her job. As her work is about memories and nostalgia, Kelly hopes that it embodies this timeless feeling of escape and preservation.

Prices range from $40-4500 CAN

Editions available of most Date Night series, call or email for inquires.


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