Brenda Wong, Nola Necklace

Born in Vancouver, B.C., Brenda graduated from the University of British Columbia with a degree in art history and then from the university's School of Architecture. She moved to Ottawa a year after graduating and spent almost twenty years practicing as an architect on a diverse range of projects, from the intimate details of house renovations to the planning of large expansive spaces in art galleries and museums. 

In 2006, she channelled her love of fashion and design by launching her jewellery collection, Lirical. With an architectural background, in which the artist makes the journey from conceptual design into built forms, Brenda displays a unique visual sensibility evident in the exquisite jewellery she creates. The materials she works with are a source of never-ending inspiration for her timeless pieces with a modern twist. Favouring irregular shapes and juxtaposing contrasting textures, she tries to envision how the jewellery will look when worn. She allows the beautiful and interesting materials to speak for themselves, using a discerning eye to put them in place.