Marianne Burlew

Touch Toys, wire and yarn, 3 x 4 in. (7.5 x 10 cm)

Marianne Burlew is an installation artist that focuses on themes of embodiment and the senses through video and sculpture. She recently received her MFA from the University of Waterloo where she completed internships with artists Saskia Olde Wolbers and Anne Hardy in London (UK) through the Keith and Win Shantz scholarship.

Prior to her MFA, Burlew participated as an artist-in-residence in the textile studio at the Harbourfront Centre (Toronto) for two years. Since earning her BFA from York University in 2011, she has exhibited in galleries across southern Ontario. Her work is part of three private collections as well as the Fibre Art Collection of The Idea Exchange in Cambridge.

Visit Marianne Burlew's website here.

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