Marney McDiarmid’s Euphorbia - $225/set - Contains a porcelain dinner plate, bowl, and cup

Agave Tequilana

Agave Tequilana_Full Set 2.JPG
Agave Tequilana Plate.JPG
Agave Tequilana Bowl and Plate .JPG
Agave Tequilana Bowl Underside.JPG
Agave Tequilana Bowl.JPG

Calico Cactus

Calico Cactus Full Set 2.JPG
Calico Cactus Plate.JPG
Calico Cactus Bowl and Cup.JPG
Calico Cactus Plate and Bowl.JPG
Calico Cactus Cup Fold Side.JPG


Nopal Full Set.JPG
Nopal Plate.JPG
Nopal Plate and Cup.JPG
Nopal Bowl.JPG
Nopal Bowl Underside.JPG