Nicole Krstin

Pearl Bluffs , archival pigment print, 24 x 30 in. (61 x 76 cm)

Pearl Bluffs, archival pigment print, 24 x 30 in. (61 x 76 cm)

Nicole Krstin is a self-taught visual artist, working primarily in the medium of acrylic, digital media, and analogue film photography. Inspired by her upbringing as a Filipino-Canadian born in Calgary, Alberta, Nicole's work explores how layered and juxtaposed imagery can transform subjects into visual forecasts of the future, focusing on altered landscapes through the lens of a first-generation Canadian. Nicole's work can be found in private collections in Canada and the United States. Nicole currently resides in Toronto, Ontario. 

Artist Statement 

My current body of work focuses on abstract expressions of landscapes that slowly deteriorate and devolve into fluid wastelands. As I try to strike a balance between representing the natural and the unnatural, I look towards my own practice as it speaks to the irony of creating visual works about nature while using synthetic materials. To foster dialogue about the artists' impact on our ecological footprint, I use all of my materials, including the paint left on my palette, to create digital compositions that are derivative of my paintings. Not only am I creating a database of reusable source material, the medium of digital media allows me to transform my materials with very little impact on the environment. 

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