Dominique Normand

Resting Place, acrylic on canvas, 16" x 20"

New academic painter, Dominique Normand, lives in the Laurentians, Québec. She celebrates the beauty and Spirit of Canadian Wilderness in her work. Her paintings speak a vibrant language revealing, in a daring, suggested fashion, observations of moments in time. Her paintings are fragments of her story and the ecological worlds she visits in a passionate manner. Normand is Metis of Maliseet descent.

In celebration of Canada 150, Normand has been invited to participate in Canada C3: a 150 day sailing journey through the Canadian Northwest Passage. The vessel traveling from Toronto to Victoria hosts a melting pot of Canadian society, including artists, scientists, Indigenous elders, and community leaders. Normand will be using her inspiration from this voyage to create new diverse works of art. 

Normand's work has been showcased in many solo and group exhibitions such as 11 Nations cultural center, Galerie Richelieu in Montréal, Saint Adolphe's Manifest'Art in the Laurentians, Montmagny's Rendez-Vous Ononthio, Broadway Gallery in New York, Westin Hotel in Los Angeles, Soutana Galerie and Jardin d'Hiver in Mont Tremblant, as well as galleries in Montebello, St-Jovite, Saint Sauveur, Piedmont, Horse Show Classique de Blainville and many more.

Visit Dominique Normand's website here.

Prices ranging from $300-2160 CAN