Dominique Normand

The Flow of Life, Acrylic on Canvas, 20 x 16"

New academic painter, Dominique Normand, lives in the Laurentians, Québec. She celebrates the beauty of Canadian Wilderness and its true Spirit. Her paintings speak a vibrant language, they reveal in a daring suggested fashion, simple observations of precious moments in time and draws attention to the sacred gifts of life. Instinctively, she creates her own transformiational path as a practice in living her intentions, a deep knowing of the soul leading the way.

Dominique says she was lucky to be brought up in Nature, she still responds to her like a need to be fulfilled; she needs to be in the woods, to sit by the river and the fire,  to head up North where the wild things are,  to look for bones, find that cave, smell the wet forest floor,  to listen to Raven and desperately needs to paint that marsh. In Nature, she comes alive.    Her paintings are fragments of her story and the worlds she visits in a passionate manner.

Her strong visceral bond with the Native Culture has led her to inquire and research through her roots on her father’ side. The region of Montmagny was a frequent passage for the Nomadic Malicet and Micmac Natives of Eastern Quebec and New Brunswick. In 2012, she finds out she is Metis of Maliseet descent.

Dominique's work has been showcased in many solo and group exhibitions such as 11 Nations cultural center, Galerie Richelieu in Montréal, Saint Adolphe's Manifest'Art in the Laurentians, Montmagny's Rendez-Vous Ononthio, Broadway Gallery in New York, Westin Hotel in Los Angeles, Soutana Galerie and Jardin d'Hiver in Mont Tremblant, art galleries in Montebello, St-Jovite, Saint Sauveur, Piedmont, Horse Show Classique de Blainville and many more.

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Prices ranging from $300-2160 CAN