Rachel Taggart

 Sojourn, 54" x 40", mixed media on panel

Sojourn, 54" x 40", mixed media on panel

Simplicity, space and light are themes that continually inspire Rachel’s work. Though mostly based on landscape and sky, her paintings aim to transcend place and time, to ultimately evoke emotions conjured by captured moments in nature - compelling cloud formations, the glow of light on water, glimpses of foliage or greenery.

Gradual transitions between tones of natural palettes are achieved by a constant layering, washing and reworking process. Often in contrast to the softness and subtlety of Rachel’s painting technique, the texture resulting from her use of plaster tends to create a distortion, as if the painting is veiled, or, as often commented by observers, as if it is viewed behind old glass or in motion. The plaster also adds a sculptural element to each piece, a dimension not typically found in painting.

While Rachel’s work has often been described as reminiscent of that of classic landscape artists, she strives to achieve a balance between traditional and contemporary. While at times familiar and pastoral, her paintings also sway towards abstraction, that which is less literal and more ethereal.  

A self-taught artist, Rachel currently lives in Toronto and has been a full-time painter since 2001. She has exhibited in group exhibitions in Toronto and New York, and has been represented by galleries coast to coast in both Canada and the U.S. Rachel’s work has also appeared on the Home and Garden Television Network and in Canadian House and Home magazine.