Richard Ahnert

Yesterdays Lost, Oil on Panel, 30" x 22"

Yesterdays Lost, Oil on Panel, 30" x 22"

Richard Ahnert’s work is witty and warm, satirical and accessible. His paintings, primarily of animals in a human context, are bursting with narrative – each one a story in the midst of unfolding. Richard paints scenes from stories he imagines inspired by everyday encounters with both humans and animals. Describing his work as Anthropomorphism and other musings in oil, he combines the traits and behaviors of animals with the common rituals of humans, exploring that which connects and separates us from them and from each other. Richard creates a narrative in his paintings that encourages the viewer to contemplate and discuss the comforts and conflicts that arise from acknowledging our animal instincts.

Richard graduated with honours from the Arts York Program at Unionville HS with a Major in Visual Arts and went on to study Computer Design and Technical Illustration at York University and Seneca College, graduating with the Presidents Honour Roll for Highest Academic Achievement.  He enjoyed a successful career as a graphic designer before he began exhibiting his personal work 5 years ago.

Richard has exhibited his paintings in shows and galleries in Toronto and New York.  His award winning work can be found in private and corporate collections in North America and Europe.  Richard works from his home studio in Toronto.

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Prices range from $450-5150CAN