All image credit to Kathryne Radburn, founder of RYHN

RYHN is understated and texture-rich jewellery. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted in studio by designer and metalsmith Kathryne Radburn. Expansive, raw Canadian landscapes and Roloff Beny's photo book To Every Thing There Is A Season were the inspiration for the sculptural designs of this collection.

The RYHN aesthetic embraces the natural properties of metals and gems. Each piece of jewellery is given texture and patina, so as to bestow the elegance of wear and age of a treasured heirloom that will only become more beautiful with the passage of time.

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Out of stock designs take approximately 2-3 weeks to arrive. Please contact us here if you’d like to purchase a design we don’t have in stock or to design a custom jewellery project.


I love you like a mountain.

Named after the event that leads to the creation of mountains, the Orogeny Pin is an affirmation of raw devotion and features a mountainous scenery with a customizable medallion. 

Add to this exquisite token of affection the initial of a loved one, or that of a cherished friend, a beloved pet, or your own in a declaration of self-love. 

This pin is handcrafted in Montreal from sterling silver. Engraved pins will be ready in 3-4 days.

$175.00 - engraving included