Sharon VanStarkenburg

One Trick Pony, oil on terraskin, 18 x 25 in. (45.5 x 63.5 cm)

My work is anchored in narrative. By gleaning from and combining memory, dream and story I create scenes that suggest multiple plotlines and interpretations. The subjects for my series evolve, usually centering on a female character. I am interested in self-evaluation with regard to issues such as one's childhood experiences, psychological states, ancestry, sex and cultural background. The work is very personal and intimate, but presented as it is for public consumption it becomes fiction on which one can project and take away from as needed. I allow the tone of the subject to suggest the materials with which I will work, tending toward mixed media. The body is often referenced in my work, either by its presence or absence, as the impetus by which the drama unfolds.

I am driven to make art to preserve, cherish and make precious these narratives.  I believe that these images are carried in the conscious and unconscious mind aswitness to an experience of life.  For me it is a way to communicate in an honest, human and visceral way.