Tanya Kirouac

Shining Through, encaustic on panel, 72 x 44 in. (183 x 112 cm)

Abstract landscapes emerge from lingering memories. Impressions of places real or imagined. I paint with hot wax, layering on the bright, dark and light pigmented medium over and over. Intuitively deciding when to begin removing what I have just put on. Slowly moving over the surface, I carefully excavate a small amount at a time. The challenge is not always knowing what I will find. Often removing most of the wax that I have applied and then reapplying it again. The process creates a curious texture. Each piece revealing only some of its secrets hiding beneath the surface.

Tanya has been a full time artist since 2002 and exhibits her work in art fairs and galleries across Canada, the US and Europe. Her work can be found in collections around the globe, private and corporate, as well as, on interior designer shows on HGTV.

Since Tanya shifted from a career in art direction and graphic design to the life of a full-time fine artist, her paintings have been featured as the centrepiece of television makeover and design shows, and have been featured in interior design magazines and respected artisanal publications. Today, Tanya is likeliest to be found dripping beautiful, coloured wax all over the floor of her studio or touring art fairs around the US and Canada. 

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