Vanessa McKernan

Storyteller , oil and graphite on mylar, 24 x 34 in. (61 x 86.4 cm)

Storyteller, oil and graphite on mylar, 24 x 34 in. (61 x 86.4 cm)

Vanessa McKernan received her Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University in 2006. In the year of her graduation she was also awarded the Cecil Buller – John J.A. Murphy Scholarship for Drawing. McKernan has exhibited within Canada, the United States and Central America. She lives in Toronto and works out of a studio located in the city’s Historic Distillery District.


As a figurative painter focusing on the art of storytelling, I like to thread narratives together from a variety of sources, compile them into a composition and see what happens. Painting becomes a space for the push and pull of my own personal stories and those that I observe in the external world. 

I like to work intuitively with gesture and line and playfully with colour and decorative patterning. Re-working “finished” paintings over the course of a couple months is an essential part of my practice. There might be two or three compositions underneath the work that ends up on the gallery wall. Ultimately, I believe each piece has something to reveal and it takes the cycle of destruction (death) and re-building (birth) to get there.

Sisters, women in procession and the observers (my judgmental Greek chorus) are some of the themes I have been working with for the last ten years. Though the execution of these themes in my work has changed quite a bit, I find it interesting that these figures or archetypes have remained for so long. Like evolution itself I supposed that change and growth are slow. And so, we plod along day by day and bear witness to today and the next ten years of process. 

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