Peter Colbert

Changes, acrylic on canvas, 30 x 40 in. (76 x 101.5 cm)

Born in Vancouver, Peter Colbert was educated in Toronto, working as a creative professional both there and in Vancouver, where he won several awards for his endeavours. He and his wife have made Ottawa their home for the past seven years, where he enjoys working in his studio. He is constantly inspired by his daily walks with his dogs and sojourns to his cottage in Quebec, often referring to photos of them for his paintings.

His art reflects his curiosity about design, colour, and life. In his many years as a designer and illustrator, his quest was to simplify and develop interesting visuals. In his career as a painter, this quest continues to challenge him in many ways.

His paintings have graced the collections of buyers from around the world.


My personal journey with art has been very rewarding; When I look back at what I was doing 30 years ago, I've taken my innate drawing ability, embellished it but hopefully kept the freshness and spontaneity which I've always treasured. The mixing of paint, applying colour and how these interrelate is the crux of what I've been working at and learning about for the last decade. To reduce things to their simplest form is a difficult thing to do - depicting the heart, the energy of a subject - but it's something I tend to focus on.

My art is my passion - and an unending journey.

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